Brew Cutlery stock photo
Brew Cutlery, a Kickstarter with the goal of producing flatware with bottle openers built in, markets its products as "bridging the gap between craft beer and cutlery." Those you you who keep an eye on the craft beer industry might not remember thinking there was a gap between craft beer and cutlery, but probably because you're grownups. Also, it is not clear whether these will work on bottles that don't contain craft beer, but I guess the assumption is those kinds of beers usually are twist-offs.
To be fair to Brew Cutlery, no one ever went broke selling Americans tacky stuff they don't need. In fact, as of this writing, the Brew Cutlery entrepreneurs have collected nearly half of the $10,000 they need to go into production from 82 people (they're asking about $25 per set).

It is hard to imagine the market for this product. Likely, the person who feels the need to have a bottle openers on their silverware already will have another novelty opener nearby. The Brew Cutlery marketing materials focus on the panic one feels when they are at home and can't find a bottle opener. The solution, they say, is to have every piece of cutlery become a bottle opener. The concern is this doesn't seem realistic. Adults generally don't have bottle opening emergencies and frat boys always have several openers at the ready.
Brew Cutlery may take this free advice, then, for what it is worth: market this as an etiquette solution. Remind potential customers about the embarrassment that comes from using a lighter or bottle opener ring when hosting a fancy gathering. Picture a late-night commercial, with a line of put-out guests looking pitifully at a disheveled host as they all stand in line, waiting for him to open their beer bottles. He's having trouble with his conventional bottle opener (it slips, say) and is literally red-faced with effort and embarrassment.
Cut to the same group at a well-appointed table. Each place is set with Brew Cutlery. The guests open their bottles simultaneously and toast their thoughtful host as we hear the tagline in voiceover:
Brew Cutlery: How fancy grownups open fancy beers, brah.